The last time we were here was in 2002, and we were a bit wary today before walking through its gates. The Manila Zoo is a landmark from Sam’s and my childhood, in much the same way as the Nayong Pilipino.

It was a very pleasant surprise to find the Manila Zoo in such a revitalized state. To anyone whose last visit to the zoo was more than five years ago, I urge you to go there again.

Here are some photos from our trip today. Click on any of the pictures on this post and you will be transported to my flickr account where you can see more photos of the Manila Zoo.






More photos of the Manila Zoo — Click here.

Entrance Fees: Php40 for adults, Php20 for children under 4 feet in height.
Calesa Ride around the Zoo: Php50 per head
Stuffed Spider Monkey with baby: Php100 from the ambulant vendors
Double A batteries in case your camera runs out: Php60 (set of 2)
Pose as Superman and Wonder Woman: Php5 per pose.

Saturday at the Manila Zoo

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7 thoughts on “Saturday at the Manila Zoo

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a zoo.  Wala na man gud ang Cebu zoo and Fr. Tropa.

    I’ve never been to Manila zoo.  I’ll include this in my checklist if ever me and my wife will tour Manila.

  2. I grew up in Manila and not once did I have the chance to visit this zoo.  My failure to go is a shame.  I’m glad to know that it has been revitalized and I will make it a point this time to visit it the next time I’m in town.  Thanks for the very nice pictures, Bambit.  🙂

  3. Lazarus, I saw some photos of the old Cebu Zoo … it’s even sadder than my pictures of the Nayong Pilipino. I think a move has been started to save the animals that are still alive there, but as usual in this country the fate of the animals lie in the hands of the politicians who are now arguing who is responsible for the piece of land on which the zoo stands — the city or the province of Cebu. In the meantime the animals are suffering and nothing is being done about their sad existence.

  4. Hi Panaderos, I’m sure a lot of us have had the same feeling, not having gone somewhere because it’s just there and will be there for when I have the time to go there, and then we realize that we either don’t have the time or we’re not there anymore.

    I made that mistake while living in Iligan City for a year. Was there for a year and never even visited any resort in Timuga because I kept thinking it’s just there and I could go anytime. I feel the same way about Dapitan, which is only 4 hours drive away from Iligan. Or Bukidnon. I keep telling myself if I had the chance to go back to Mindanao I’d visit all those places.

  5. murag 18 years na siguro since my last visit to manila zoo. the last memory i have is when i bought "dyed-color" maya sa entrance. abi jud nako og parrot katong bata pa ko. i went to manila last week but unfortunately wala siya na include sa amo itinerary.

    i think cebu never had a "known zoo." daghan na unta ni propose og help sa zoo sa late fr. tropa, pero as always kutob ra sa proposals.

  6. bitaw dings, kaluoy na ug dagway sa zoo ni Father Tropa karon, makaluluoy na ang mga mananap morag wala nay tarong kinaon. From what I’ve read there are a few organizations who are trying to help, but are prevented by the government itself because they are bickering about who is really in charge of the land. They’re doing that because when the zoo does get off the ground it will start to generate revenue again, and who ever "owns" the land gets the revenue …

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