It’s amazing how intuitive search engines have become. Or have they always been like that and I was just living in a cave. We used to enter keywords, now you can enter entire phrases and even actual questions into search engine boxes. While preparing my movie list for the upcoming end of the month holidays I had typed into Google:

movies set in las vegas nv

and out popped Wikipedia’s page on List of films set in Las Vegas. The list included more than 40 movies that were filmed in Las Vegas since the late 50’s and included the original Ocean’s Eleven, the Bond flick Diamonds are Forever, two Nicolas Cage movies, and all three Ocean’s movies remake and sequels.

I remember when I was back in Cebu and just learning the ins and outs of Internet surfing, back when Yahoo was THE search engine, attended by Magellan, Altavista and AskJeeves. I would enter keywords Barok-style (“cheap hotel Makati”) or the name of the establishment I was looking for and get even more listings. Now I can enter “hotels in Makati with free wifi” and get a leaner more useful list.

One of the really nifty things about search engines and social networks and personal websites is how it is now possible to find almost anyone on the internet. Case in point–the first thing I do when I need to meet with someone I was going to be dealing with for the first time is to look up that person’s name on the Internet. It’s amazing, some of the results that I come up with. It works best when you look for someone with a unique name combination, like Athelstan Emil Cortes (my eldest son), rather than a name like Bert Lopez.

Once I did a search for someone who had been emailing me requesting for a meeting and it turned out that he had cases pending against him for sexual harrassment. Uh, definitely not someone to whom I’d send a young female company rep. Thank you, Google.

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