Cleaning Up

I can’t clean the house enough to save my life. I have always acknowledged that, because back when I had this illusion that I could keep a house spic and span I almost collapsed from over exhaustion.

I did try a few times, without help from other humans, to maintain a house for myself and an 8 year old boy (who is now 16), but I felt I had to be armed to the teeth for a task such as keeping house. Ace Hardware became one of my favorite haunts where I picked up lint brushes and pails and a microfiber mop. I went for high-grade cleaning liquids that smelled like jasmine.

But being a new single mom at the time I hid the inborn laziness behind a working mom’s fa├žade and chalked up another lazy day as a “rest day.” The house didn’t stink but it wasn’t pristine either. As long as there were no toys to trip on the floor, I was content.

She can cook, but can she clean?

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