Are Student Loans the answer?The establishment of college loans in the Philippines may be an alternative answer to rising tuition costs in the country.

A militant student group on Saturday questioned the non-inclusion of private schools in the tuition moratorium announcement of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, saying this has left a greater number of the country’s students to the mercy of “education vultures.”

The League of Filipino Students said tuition in private learning institutions should be regulated by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) and the government.

According to CHEd data, 378 private tertiary schools have implemented a tuition increase this year with a nationwide average of 10 percent.

LFS called for the suspension and investigation of tuition increases with a view to rolling them back if schools were proven to have abused their discretion in raising fees.

According to Crisostomo, there should be no reason to allow increases in tuition in private schools as most of the schools were making millions in profits.

— from the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Private student loans can come with a pre-arranged employment plan to pay off the loan in a pre-determined number of years. But since student loans are practically unheard of in this country, nothing short of government intervention is needed to address the problem of rising tuition fees.

But does the government even want to intervene with private schools tuition scheme? It seems they have their hands full already, after state colleges and universities have started selling off their land to meet expenses that have gone sky-high. And now that school has already started, it looks like more and mores students are not going to be students anymore, not this year, and probably not the next.

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