Xavier Cortes, Mr. Edwin O. Provido, Barbara Tuazon

Recognition day yesterday at Olivarez College, Parañaque City. Third year high school awardees are Xavier “Kuya Maui” Cortes, Third Honors and Barbara Tuazon, First Honors, here with their Class Adviser Mr. Edwin O. Provido. During the ceremonies they also acknowledged Xavier’s other contributions to the school.

I like this photo because it’s one of the very, very few in which Kuya Maui is actually smiling.

Way to go Editor!

Smilies 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Smilies :)

  1. I will forever regret that pic.

    In photographs, I look stupid no matter what facial expression I have.


  2. kudos to kuya maui! he’s sooo smart like Aunt Deity:)

    momma’s sooo proud! o bili mo na kuya maui bagong celphone!

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