Business performance management (BPM) (or Corporate performance management (CPM), Enterprise performance management, Operational performance management, Business performance optimization) is a set of processes that help organizations optimize their business performance. It is a framework for organizing, automating and analyzing business methodologies, metrics, processes and systems that drive business performance.

BPM is seen as the next generation of business intelligence (BI). BPM helps businesses make efficient use of their financial, human, material and other resources.

For years, owners have sought to drive strategy down and across their organizations, they have struggled to transform strategies into actionable metrics and they have grappled with meaningful analysis to expose the cause-and-effect relationships that, if understood, could give profitable insight to their operational decision makers.

Now corporate performance management (CPM) software and methods allow a systematic, integrated approach that links enterprise strategy to core processes and activities. “Running by the numbers” now means something as planning, budgeting, analysis and reporting can give the measurements that empower management decisions.

— from the wikipedia entry on Corporate Finance Management

I hate Mondays, especially this upcoming Monday, because it’s the 8th of the month and the 8th of the month is when my monthly performance report is due. Think I’ll sleep the whole of Sunday just to get myself enough energy for report-writing.

So that’s where KPI comes from

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