How many times have you tried to set up a blog at a free blogging service, but have found the process either too complicated or restrictive that you’ve given it up? If you intend to blog for an immediate audience but have not yet decided which blogging platform to use, or want something that is uncomplicated and allows you to publish in an instant, you should take a look at the Forums at

The pages load very quickly, which is always a plus for me. It’s reminiscent of the Yahoo portal of the 80’s when life was made simpler, not more stressful, by going there. You can start out at the Forums and then work your way through setting up a blog or a photo album.

Registration is for free, and signing up gives you access not only to the Forums but to your own blog, photo album, videos, podcasts, and a portal where everything comes together. Forums at is better than other blogging sites this way, because one doesn’t have to be logged in to view blogs that have been updated. Also the portal pages are uncluttered, giving focus on the updated blogs on the left side, and highlighting the other features on the rest of the page.

It’s a good starting point for newbie bloggers who would like an instant audience, an uncomplicated interface and plain simplicity.

Something for newbie bloggers

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