Sophia LorenI remember a time when women were rounded and full and voluptuous, not skinny and almost cadverous. I remember women like Sofia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida, Catherine Deneuve, and our own Stella Suarez and Divina Valencia. Not just skin and bones these women were, but curvaceous and rounded. And they sure could fill out a dress. In today’s world I have always admired Queen Latifah, Oprah Winfrey, Venus and Serena Williams, and Barbra Streisand, who in thick and/or thin ooze the very essence of womanhood.

I couldn’t imagine why women wouldn’t want to be like Sophia, and instead want to be like Callista Flockhart or Paris Hilton. When the tragedy of Karen Carpenter shocked the world I thought that would be the end of weight loss pills. Personally I never thought I’d take them myself, but there was a couple of months last year when I took sibutramine, and then stopped because of two reasons: I could control my food intake after a couple of months of taking it, and also it was becoming too expensive for my budget. The time had come to pass when it was actually cheaper to buy “fat clothes” than to go on a diet.

Now that I’m off the medication I wonder what it would take to like to look like Sophia, seriously, even the way she is now.

Wonder if the 10,000 steps thing really works …

Sophia mia!

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3 thoughts on “Sophia mia!

  1. I never was attracted to reed thin women. I never found them to be sexy at all. I tease my love whenever she feels that she’s gained weight. I simply tell her that it doesn’t really matter to me. Her gaining more weight simply means there’s “more of her to love”. Hehehe

  2. oh well… the things we do just to be sexy…hehehe =)

    don’t worry in your own way…you are sexy… naks, libre mo ko lunch ha!


  3. ABBYgirl kahit isang linggong lunch ililibre kita pag nagbukas na ulit ang mcdo sa rakwel. he he he. Teka, raraket muna ko para me pambili tayo ng lunch …

    Panaderos, i am just fortunate enough to have a husband who thinks I AM Sophia Loren. Yung formula ng pinainom ko sa kanya top secret …

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