Spock- the best for people search is the tag line, but honestly when I first signed up for an account and tried to find my way around the site, it didn’t make that much sense. We already had Yahoo and Google, what did we need Spock.com for?

As I went around the spock.com site as a logged in user I began to see the usefulness of its features, while at the same time I was also wondering about the particular uses of some of its unique search results. I will explain further.

The best for people search is what spock.com aims to be, and it may well be true in a year or so. As of today a search for Patrick Swayze will reveal, as you can see in the widget opposite, the major websites that can provide you with information on this fantastic American Actor who is now suffering from pancreatic cancer.

When you are searching on the spock.com site, you will find out that actors Marcello Mastroianni and Brock Peters were also afflicted with and had succumbed to pancreatic cancer. You will also find out that Patrick Swayze had one thing in common with John Travolta, Richard Gere, Rex Smith, Treat Williams and Lorenzo Llamas — they all played the lead role of Danny Zuko in the Broadway play Grease.

The key to these associations is spock.com’s tags. Each person is tagged with at least six descriptive tags that best describes the person’s life and work. When you sign up as a spock.com user you will be asked several questions regarding your current location, school and any URL that you would like to add. These tags are later used to place you in the spock.com network. It is disconcerting, truth be told, to find search results that seem irrelevant to a famous people search, since after Patrick Swayze the actor, you will find “other” Patrick Swayze’s (in the same way that I discovered there were other Bambit’s, as well as persons pretending to be Bambit, on the Internet).

While spock.com’s current focus is primarily on as well as toward an American audience, it’s growth shoudln’t be too far over the horizon. I am looking foward to the time when it sheds its beta robes and reveals its true usefulness on the web.

Spock.com aims to live long and prosper

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  1. spokeo and spock operate in completely different fields. Spokeo helps you track friends you already have. Spock helps you find info on anyone who has an online presence. So, presumably, Spock’s scope is larger than Spokeo’s.

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