Starbucks coffee is a luxury I cannot afford to have everyday. But maybe once or twice a month I do treat myself to one, on payday or some similar occasion. And I enjoy their website almost as much as I enjoy the coffee, in fact perhaps even more. Starbucks has one of those really nifty sites that really grab one’s attention. I hear though that there are outlets that have been closing down in some parts of the US, mainly because of over saturation. I wonder how true that is.

Once a month, maybe less

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4 thoughts on “Once a month, maybe less

  1. 🙂 I love sipping coffee with my wife who is also a coffee fanatic in starbucks,though I always go with cafe americano, here in Korea where starbucks coffee price is twice as much in US and in Japan many are also closing their store and many small unknown brands with very good ambiance are popping up with much lower price and of course good service……

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