Paco Park Entrance

Paco Park detail

Paco Park Detail A couple of weeks ago I was at a client’s site on a meeting. The place was just across the Paco Park so I couldn’t resist skipping over to the historic park when the meeting was over. Sad thing was it was a Monday, and the park was closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Serves me right, I said to myself, after having lived in the Paco area (vicinity of Merced and Herran) for the first six months of my solo return to Manila in 1999, and not having made the rounds when I could.

Similar regrets are not having gone up to Marawi City in the year that we lived in Lanao. I’d been to what was formerly known as Dansalan in 1995, when the Iligan National Writers Workshop scheduled a session there, but I’d never been back in the entire year that our new family lived just a couple of hours drive away. Not having gone to Cagayan de Oro to walk on the hanging bridges. Not having gone up the grotto in Baguio when we were there three summers ago, just to test myself if I could still make it to the top, where I once had my picture taken as a little girl.

Now that I’m (a lot) older I tend to not let opportunities that present themselves go by. Hence this quickie stop at the Paco Park. Bad timing, but good pictures, nevertheless.

Stolen moment at the Paco Park

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  1. Hi sis Mari, actually haba pa listahan ko eh. Plaza Moriones, a trek down Raon … and maybe, just maybe before the summer’s over … Vigan!

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