Cat ate my spamOne of the perennial problems that are reported to me by my clients is that they have, all of a sudden, lost the ability to send email over their office internet connection. Some of them even report that they cannot send email at all, that bounce messages come into their inboxes as undelivered mail due to one reason or another.

This is usually because they have tried to send out mail to all the contacts in their address books in one go, or have tried to send out their newsletter for the first time with all addresses in the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) field. This usually results in their current IP being blocked at various spam gateways, which causes their mail to be rejected at the destinations. This is when I tell them of the necessity for Email Marketing Software.

Using Email Marketing Software for sending out bulk mailing is the right way to go. It puts the responsibility of sending out mail on the host server, resolving the issue of spamming on the client’s side as well as freeing up bandwidth. Email Marketing Software also allows them to format emails in a professional manner, automatically providing links for unsubscribing which is a must for all email newsletters.

*photo of spam-eating-cat from here

Stop that spam

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