I came across this video on Alleba Politics.

I already had two kids before I admitted the value of being in college, so that’s when I went. I was 27, 10 years older than the rest of my classmates, except for a few who had, like myself, belatedly realized the importance of a college education. I lived in Lapulapu City then, and during that time only one college existed on the island of Mactan—The Philippine Air Force College of Aeronautics*.

My batch saw PAFCA turn in to PhilSCA, the Philippine State College of Aeronautics, which meant that by then we were getting support from the Philippine government. During that time, units were at P30, so a full semester’s load at 21 or so units would cost a little under P700.

Seven hundred pesos a semester, or a thousand five hundred a year. Say two thousand including books and miscellaneous stuff. This was in 1990.

When I saw this video I was shocked. P600 per unit in the UP Schools in the Visayas and Mindanao? P1000+ per unit in the Diliman, Los Banos and Baguio campuses? Schools are selling off their land to finance expenses, and when sales such as these are not approved, the school resorts to raising tuition fees? When all other government departments budgets have been increased two- or three-fold, the annual budget for State Colleges and Universities was decreased from P15.87 Billion to P15.71 Billion in 2003.

This cannot be right.

Just on the off chance that I ruffled some feathers, the “other” aeronautics school on Mactan Island, Indiana School of Aeronautics, did not exist until after a year that PAFCA became a state college, and was, in fact, put up by former PAFCA/PhilSCA professors and graduates.


Students Walk Out in Protest–Davao

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