USB Charger, P910i, Wall charger

One of the niftier things I’ve encountered recently is the Retractable USB Charge Cable, which has versions for the more popular brands of mobile phones and handsets. That’s the one you see on the left (in its retracted state) in the picture above. That’s my tried and tested (meaning old) Sony Ericsson P910i in the middle, and its accompanying wall charger (with adaptor) on the right.

If you are the type that availed yourself of travel deals, hitting the road with portable wifi and a laptop, the retractable USB charger would be the better bet over the wall charger, in terms of portability. Precious space in a traveling kit can be reclaimed and used for something else, like maybe an extra mouse or whatever it is people with laptops throw into their bags when they travel. I’d settle for road food.

I got the charger from our office for P150, but the other models may be a bit more expensive than that. There’s lots of photos of the other models and other stuff that this company sells, on their website here.

Stuff for when you’re on the go

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