My bookshelves haven’t had much attention from me, whether in traffic or population growth. I’m actually more inclined to give books as presents rather than buy them for myself. I’ve felt like this ever since late last year when I bought the December Issue of the Reader’s Digest and fell asleep while reading it. Up to today I don’t think I’ve read everything in it. It’s still on the small table on my side of the bed, gathering dust and junk food bits.

My eldest son Athelstan asked me lately if the Powerbooks branches in Metro Manila had the two books that you see in the photo above. Actually he wanted three books, House Atreides, House Harkonnen and House Corrino. Powerbooks Megamall branch was the only one that had both (none of the other branches had House Harkonnen). Powerbooks Megamall also had Hunters of Dune (not in photo) so I got that as well. That pretty much cleaned out Powerbooks stock of Dune books. All three books are then going to take the fast plane to Cebu, where Athelstan is, and where the Powerbooks branch do not have any of the Dune books at all.

On the local front, the latest additions to my book pile are Ang Ladlad Book 3 and Pulo’t Gata, a collection of poetry courtesy of Danton Remoto who is co-editor for both.

Stuff to line one’s bookshelf

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One thought on “Stuff to line one’s bookshelf

  1. Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview, and hopefully many more to come.

    What is name?
    What general area do you live in?
    What inspired you to start your chopstick collection?
    How many chopsticks do you actually have?
    Which collectible chopstick is your favorite? If possible, can you please provide a picture so I can use it for my presentation?
    Where do you go to find these various chopsticks?
    Are there any resources you recommend me to look at to research more about chopsticks?

    I want to ask more questions but I don’t want to overload you with them during our first interview. Again, thank you so much for your time. Good luck trying to find things in the antique shops! If possible, please email back as soon as possible.


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