Staying out late at the office may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but sometimes I must admit it’s mine. No I don’t get overtime. It’s not that. Things just go more smoothly when everyone else has gone home. No more phone calls, no more pesky chain emails from people who still up to now have not learned the proper usage of company email.

Tonight, more than an hour after I’ve finished what I was supposed to finish, I’m clicking around my browser and stumble upon, of all things, my old blogger pages. Bambit Online and The Write Stuff.

Bambit Online was where I first tried my hand out at blogging. With the aid and advice of KulitJr (a.k.a. Caterpillartalk) I stumbled through this amazing offspring of internet technology called blogging.

The Write Stuff was my repository of stuff I’d written in the past decade. The stuff I wrote even before that has long been cauterized from my memory, some remnants of which lie in the ether of the net in the form of an ebook that may or may not have been downloaded by anyone.

It was a bit of a shock, reading them again. And even more so to find out that I am (or tried to be at some point) the author of a blog spot called Now THAT I don’t even remember putting up, but apparently I did.

People are strange.

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