Now that summer’s here we expect a noisier household, with Kuya Maui at home all day and Maia bringing her neighborhood friends over to play. Summer’s when we expect the electricity bill to rise because we get our water from a tank powered by an electric motor. More electric fans on for longer periods in the day, and if the heat just gets too much we’ll say what the heck let’s get one of those plastic inflatable pools, pump it up right in the middle of the garden and just simmer in it after filling it up with water.

Maia three summers agoJust to make sure the water does not get wasted we can use the “used” water from the pool to water the plants, pre-rinse the dishes, sprinkle the stretch of road outside with it to keep the dust from flying about when the wind blows. The weather these days seem hot enough to dry up what’s left of our shrubbery after Milenyo, and even the grass has started to turn brown. TruGreen gives good advice on how to properly water a lawn in this kind of weather, which now reinforces my resolve to get one of those inflatable pools. I mean what better way to recycle water, yes?

I mean who says she has to have all the fun?

Summer’s Here

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3 thoughts on “Summer’s Here

  1. i can imagine maia in her very own pool, enjoy na enjoy! kami naman, we’re looking forward to the coming weekend, they say the weather’s going to be officially autumn-y weather by then. ang init pa din lately.

    take care!

  2. Mari, these are the days when I just want to stay in front of my office computer, have lunch and merienda in front of my office computer and bless the office aircon. Pwede namang mag exercise running up and down the stairs inside the office eh. Mami-miss ako ng kfc powerplant.


    Tin, oo nga pala baliktad (from the pinas point of view) nga pala ang weather dyan, kung pasko nasa beach kayo. You know what, my web developer’s entire family is in Brisbane, kaya lang umuwi siya dito kasi ang lungkot daw jan?! But I think he came back because his girlfriend lives here.


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