I tend to stick to one service provider that I trust for doing certain things. I patronize just one quick-fix-it shop when my shoes need resoling, one brand of shoes, one freight forwarder for the stuff I send back to Cebu. But every now and then I get adventurous and try out providers that I’ve had favorable comments from my friends. But then for me, going against the way things I’m used to doing them eventually turns out not to be too good an idea. Like the time when Shipping Labels got mixed up on the packages that I had sent.

I had two packs to send back to Cebu, one for my son and one for my sister. Although they live in different areas, it pretty much isn’t that big a hassle, but this new shipper I was trying out (their office was just a couple of blocks away from where I lived, so I decided to give them a try) mixed up the sticker shipping labels on the packages I was sending. In short, my son and his aunt had a little reunion just so they can exchange packages. Verdict: never again will I try that shipper. Ever.

Switching Shipping Labels

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