from my friend Christine

Christine sent me this friendship badge aaaaall the way from Sydney, Australia!

In return, I shall pick 4 or 5 more friends to pass this badge to. So here are my featured friends:

1. The Caterpillar – even if your moniker is one of the words I have difficulty spelling (is it a double tee or a double pee with the double ell?) I will forever be grateful to you for introducing me to blogging.
2. Mari – my very very first commenter
3. Delish – who followed soon after
4. Daddynator – who is now more my friend than my nephew because he’s grown old (yeah, so have I)
5. The Wandering Deity – who has recently entered the realm of the 40’s and who can so relate to my own quirks.
6. and I would like to mention Abi and Chu and Arlene — even if they don’t have blogs because they are my friends in real life.

You can read everything about how this Featured Friend started by reading here and here. So keep it rolling.

For my featured friends here’s my badge for you (ito ang matinding prayer ko para sa inyo):

Prayer for friends

p.s. I found that prayer here.

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9 thoughts on “Tagged: Friendship Badge

  1. hahahhahaa… grabe na prayer.

    ako sab dati, sige ko kasayop spell anang caterpillar. gina-double ‘t’ nako until i started using it as my nick and i remembered the right spelling better.

  2. =) …. LOVE THE PRAYER!

    To my enemies (if I do have one?!), beware… hehehehe =)They will really think twice before doing/ saying something….

  3. okay manang bambit. i should say that it was the best prayer i have ever gotten for a birthday gift. haha!

    sige po gagawin ko yung tag mo later. raket muna me:)

  4. Hello everyone! O diba ang gandang prayer nyan. Honestly bihira lang ako magdasal ng freeform, so when I do — hataw! He he he he . . .

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