A Weekend of Old Movies

Nothing like a weekend of movie flashbacks. I’ve lined up my slob list for this weekend. Braveheart, Ever After, The Name of the Rose, The Other Boleyn Girl, Robin Hood (the Patrick Bergin one, not the Kevin Costner one). Not just a bunch of people in renaissance clothing, I think it’s a healthy mix of history and fantasy. I’ve got boxes of microwaveable popcorn on the ready and pitchers of mango juice and cold water (the popcorn is bad enough without softdrinks). Dim the lights and turn on the surround sound. Time to turn the room into a time machine.

Take me back in time

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2 thoughts on “Take me back in time

  1. He he he Panaderos, I saw the Costner thing in a movie house and sat there wondering what the heck was wrong with the sound (i was a lot younger then) and I figured maybe they thought Sherwood Forest was in Oklahoma 🙄

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