I’ve lost track on how many times I’ve tried to make something out of our Top Level Domain kusangpalo.com. Once it had been a Joomla site offering services for something that Sam and I do as a homegrown business. We offered services for domain name registration and web design and hosting, including creating presentations burnt on mini-cd’s which can be given away as promotional products. Then it became a Joomla tips site and then it became just a jump-off point for either Sam’s or my blog.

Do I.T. Yourself

I don’t remember if it ever got PR in its previous incarnations, and I wasn’t that keen on it then. But now I figured since it was there I might as well put it to good use.

There’s stuff I do at work that I can’t talk about because of NDA’s and such, but I’ve always felt that life as an IT worker leans more on the interesting side. That’s what I plan to accomplish with Do I.T. Yourself, show the perky side of I.T. life from the point of view of an accidental geek.

The accidental geek redux

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