I have given up so many vices that I seem to have lost quite a bit of fun that I used to have in my life. Not that I’m regretting having quit smoking or drinking or hanging out on the internet till the wee hours of the morning (those were my three main vices; I had smaller ones, though).

But for the past three years now I have been drinking nothing but water (I’m picky when it comes to iced tea) at parties, and I stay away from the smokers table, and my eyes start drooping at around 10pm these days. No more Marlboro reds, no more wine of the month, no more IRC. Now I just watch downloaded movies, sneer at the late news and yawn till I hear Sam snoring beside me.

I must really be getting old.

The days of wine and roses

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2 thoughts on “The days of wine and roses

  1. Hahaha You’re not alone in the transition to a slower pace of life, Bambit. I quit drinking a long time ago, probably in my late 20s. Whenever I turn the radio on these days, it is no longer to listen to music but to listen to the news and commentators on AM radio.

    Whenever I turn the tv on, I often watch the news or some documentary. Sometimes, I leave it on the Weather Channel. LOL!! I guess a part of us is slowly but surely leaving the frenetic pace of life. We long for an escape from life’s daily stresses and pressures and we’re starting to be more mindful of our health.

    Panaderos’s last blog post: A Final Goodbye

  2. The weather channel. The weather channel? Hmmm. I hang out a lot on the Food channel with Nigella Lawson and Giada di Laurentiis. And I wonder how they can look like that and still eat all the food they cook. I used to like Iron Chef America till it got boring. I miss Ming Tsai. Just this Sunday I put on my Pirates of the Caribbean 3-in-1 DVD and vegetated the whole afternoon with my strepsils at arms reach. That was real fun.

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