House at the BackHouse at the BackA smaller structure stands at the back our house, which in the late 50’s was commonly known as the servants’ quarters. I remember this small room, roughly six metres square and with its own toilet and bath, because this is where we stayed most of the day when my siblings and I were kids. We had breakfast and lunch in this room, because it was easier for our yayas to make sure we ate enough during meals. Most of the time this was also where they cooked our meals, because the “dirty kitchen” was just outside, visible through the wood blinds on the south wall.

When the past renters almost destroyed this house, the servants’ quarters got the brunt of the damage. They had turned this structure into a huge oven for their puto/kutsinta business which apparently did not have a valid sanitation clearance judging by the way we found it, after they had abandoned this place. This is one of the dreams we have for this house, that we should be able to restore this small room to its original state. Perhaps we can use it as an office instead of the one we have put up in the extension room beside the living room.

It just needs a new concrete floor, and maybe folding doors instead of a concrete wall to replace the one they tore down. The bathroom needs rehabilitation as well. The garage is on the other side of the bathroom, and is just slightly wider than the servants’ quarters. Since this “garage” is now cut off from the gate because of the living room extension, we plan to turn this into living quarters as well. There’s plenty of room to be had here. All it needs is a bit of funding. We’re trying to take care of that as well.

*The title of this post alludes to the structure at the back of 10 Downing Street, which began as the home of the Keeper of Whitehall Palace.

The house at the back

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