Old Gloria2010 is just around the corner and no this is not going to be another post about the chairman I love to bash. I’d promised myself not to blog about him anymore. Well at least not on THIS blog.


The road to 2010 is paved not only with dubious intentions but also with election signs and political signs disguised as community service announcements. On almost every electrical post and tree trunk there are eye-catching slogans and mottos, accented of course by the mugshot of your friendly district congressman or mayor or city councilor who of course are currently denying any plans to run for office. Except for the chairman who has since last year announced his intention to run for the highest and currently most corrupt seat in the country, everyone else is now just an active and very visible public servant.

When the time draws nearer to 2010 even lawn signs will emerge just like saplings that have grown overnight. Campaign yard signs proclaiming the residents’ choice(s) will adorn front yards along with the santan and the boungavillea. All this is not surprising to us, Pinoys who have lived through countless elections in all its forms and faces, sometimes it can even be amusing.

Most of the time it just gets pretty boring.

The Road to 2010

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