I admit there are times when the line between needing and wanting something blurs, as my desire to upgrade or update anything that I have overpowers common sense.

But after going through this slide show I promise myself never ever to complain about anything material of which I would rather have more.

There but for the grace of God

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3 thoughts on “There but for the grace of God

  1. hi bambit
    chichi here. kahinumdom pa ka? musta na you? got to your site through a link. glad to have found you. you take care. katawa ko kita sa imong post ni dakay. now this brings back memories… so kahinumdom pa kaha ka nako. imong silingan sa sto nino ug officemate sa ng khai. =)
    pag-amping and ayo ayo.

  2. chichi omg, how can I forget you?! Musta na man ang Ng Khai, naa gyapon ka with E*sprint? I remember calling Merlou ages ago on his mobile and he gave me a quick rundown on where everyone is these days but that was so loooooong ago.

    Panaderos every now and then it gets to be pinch me time, or sometimes even “slap me in the face if I don’t stop thinking of something else to buy with my sweldo kasi me sale sa SM” time. There is a difference between pampering one’s self once in a while, and just going overboard because one can.

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