My new desktopIt’s not new but it’s mine (to use anyway) and after a bit more patience the external Samsung SyncMaster 743NX finally arrived. The laptop is a hand-me-down IBM Thinkpad T43 still with the blue Access IBM button, not like the newfangled, rather bulky but more advanced Lenovo versions.

I’ve always preferred the T series though, with the fingerprint software that can synchronize your network login with everything else. Of course since the fall I had where I fractured the middle finger on my right hand, swiping can be a bit tricky at certain times in the day. But it’s got a docking station, which makes mobility a cinch.

Right now the laptop’s got a gig of RAM but I’m waiting for the laptop memory to arrive next week so I can bump her up another gig. That and the ATI Radeon X300 video card will keep me happily working for the next few months. Of course I’d had to pass on my ThinkCentre and dual screens to our new web developer (yes, there’s more of us on the team now), but now I got this baby with me everywhere I go.

Times are a-changing

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