A dream that I’ve had for quite some time now is to start my own online store. Having put up such stores for my clients at work has given me plenty of experience doing so, and since then I’d always wanted one of my own. I am thinking of selling products from Mindanao, such as the tubao, pasiking, siputangan, accessories made from tinalak fabric, and malongs.

But one thing has kept me from going the way my clients at work have gone. Time. Putting up a store from scratch is time consuming in the way of design. What would great is to have an online-based ecommerce software that I would not need to physically install on my webhost and worry about updates and version control.

I think I’ve found the solution. Ashop Commerce offers a full service shopping cart that is pre-installed and customizable to fit one’s needs. I don’t have to install it on my server like a plugin to a content management system—when I go to Ashop Commerce I can sign up for a server that already has the Ashop Commerce shopping cart software installed and configured. I only have to customize the templates, choose a resolution and fonts and then on to uploading my products.

One of the best things about Ashop Commerce is its online Help Centre, which is actually the user manual in online form. Just by reading it I get a clear idea of what to expect when using Ashop Commerce, and the manual is written clearly and concisely so that I don’t get lost in the jargon.

Yes, I think I’ve found my solution.

Tindahan ni Bambit — Coming Soon

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