When faced with the prospect of travel I always used to think darn, where will put my stuff? It’s not so much the stuff I have when I leave, but the stuff I tend to bring back as pasalubong, gifts and souvenirs from where ever it is I traveled to.

For example, when I went to Singapore a couple of years back, I had one traveling bag and the bag I carried my laptop in. When I came back I had three traveling bags, my laptop bag, and a couple of sturdy plastic bags from the Duty Free shops. Previous trips that I came back from should have taught me to invest in a good piece of luggage instead of pretending I knew how to travel light.

Well maybe if I went to a place where there was nothing to buy souvenirs of, a place where there were no shops and flea markets. A place where I would only take pictures of or write notes about. I’m thinking of Vigan, or some similar place.

I’m open to suggestions.

Traveling light

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5 thoughts on “Traveling light

  1. for local travel, i bring a big backpack and a duffel bag. if it’s international travel, i bring a 20k luggage. i see to it that i leave plenty of spaces inside the luggage — alam mo na for pasalubong when i get home. 🙂

  2. ceblogger, would like to say I’m gone off somewhere, like Bantayan, pero no dice this time, walang budget eh. Congratulations on the rebirth of your site! siguro yun ang dapat mong tawaging Lazarus … hehehe

    sis delish, I’ve been looking at some of those plastic chests for sale sa SM and similar places, Sam’s been thinking of getting them instead of an upright filing cabinet.

    the caterpillar, batanes indeed … how i wish my knees were as young as yours.

    sis mari, yan ang wala ako eh, yung luggage, the ones i like cost too much and I still keep trying to convince myself I can live out of a knapsack.

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