The best thing about my two weeks at the FRC-MAS Compound in Aroroy, Masbate (well, other than the fulfillment of having completed the School I.T. Project training courses) is the food.

There is absolutely nowhere I would rather be than in Chef Tony Simmons’ mess hall, under the care of his generous and accommodating staff. The food is always heavenly, the mess hall itself is replete with modern furniture¬†and is always bright and deliciously cool.

The pictures here do not do justice to the numerous nourishing meals I have had in the past two weeks because of them. And no amount of thanks can equal the care they have given me, the whole Imaginet crew, and almost a hundred other people who come in every mealtime for sustenance.

I left Masbate in the wee hours of the morning today, but last night as I said goodbye to the kitchen staff, telling them I was leaving, the first thing they told me was “Ma’am, mag baon ka para may makain ka sa biyahe.” (Ma’am, please pack some food so that you will have something to eat during the trip.)

I’m sure going to miss them.

Two weeks in culinary heaven

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