In these days of sudden rain when outdoor furniture covers don’t seem to be a very good idea; when you can wake up to a sunny day but be doused by the time you have your morning coffee; when you read in the papers that world commodities prices have gone down but you see that everyday commodities prices at the talipapa are still going up; when what used to be a P20 bus fare to the office is now P22; when you try to eke out just a few more pesos out of a few sidelines to augment the grocery budget and here comes someone who accuses you of being dishonest—this is time when I give in to my combative nature.

It came to me in the form of an email from Strawberrygurl, about this UP Professor who also happens to be an “abang periodista” (humble journalist) who has taken a stand against paid blogging. After having read the journalist’s blog about his beef with paid blogging and the ill effects it may have on readers on the Internet, I then wrote a quick comment which I regretted immediately after I had submitted it. I regretted it because I realized that this journalist just needed a sounding board, and I was bored.

So off I went to my other blog to write a lengthy reply. I have always been a believer of “to each his own.” But every now and then I let PMS get the better of me.

Uncertain times

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