APC Back UPS ES500No, this is not a post about the Manila Electric Company, although I do have something to say about the latest Juday fiasco in my other blog Press this Button. It’s not a post about GMA’s purported plans of staying on till past 2010 (and we’re not surprised about that either).

No this is about the latest addition to the snake pit (what I call the mess behind the printer tables in our home office). This is the APC Back UPS ES500. The ES500 is a must for home offices with small networks. It can take in your desktop pc, the DSL router or in my case the Canopy power adapter for our SmartBro antenna, and the wireless switch, assuring you of uninterrupted computing and internet-browsing when the power decides to do a roller coaster as it is wont to do in our area of the city. If the power goes out completely the ES500 can give you 15 minutes to save your open documents, send that email in draft and power your gear down gracefully before you light the candles on the dinner table.

The ES500 costs around two and a half thousand pesos depending on where you buy it. Yes, you can call us up at the office for a quote. It’s the sensible replacement to your Automatic Voltage Regulator, which actually is next to useless if you’re living in an area where the electricity thinks its a yoyo.

Uninterruptible Power

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