Good News First – Unionbank!

Unionbank and Paypal

Paypal and my local bank Unionbank seem to have shaken hands quite well, especially after Unionbank’s last round of upgrades. It used to take 5 banking days before a withdrawal from my Paypal accounts reflected in my EON savings account, but now it’s down to 4! I made the withdrawal request on Monday morning (1 July) and today I discovered that it had already been transfered into my EON account. To me that’s very good news, and I’m crossing my fingers wishing this is not a fluke.

Now for the Bad News – Department of Education

Department of Education, Republic of the Philippines

This is another issue entirely. It seems the Philippines Department of Education has issued Order No. 49, s.2008 that states Only 5-year old children are allowed for admission in the preschool classes. This may not be such a big issue if it were not for the fact that the Order was dated June 16, 2008 more than a week after school has started, and definitely several weeks after enrollment began.

This is why my little girl Maia, who turned 4 this February and is taller and probably more literate than her 5-year old almost-classmates, was turned away from school today, 03 July 2008.

We had enrolled her at the R. G. Gatchalian Elementary School, a short pedicab ride away from the house, last 30 May 2008. The teacher-in-charge accepted Maia’s birth certificate, ID photos and our payment of P2,200 for the entire year’s tuition. You may ask why we enrolled our daughter in public school. The answer to that is because we are honest taxpayers who would like to see our taxes be used for the betterment of our children, and that the school is in our district.

The Order from the DepEd came way too late for parents of children like Maia to come up with an alternative school to put their kids in, whether public or private schools. The whole point of sending them to Gatchalian was the convenience of its location. But an Order issued in the middle of June and disseminated AFTER school had already begun puts the DepEd in dubious light. While I understand that this move is for the betterment of both preschool students and teachers it could have been decided upon way before school started.

I remember a few years back I wrote a post in this blog Toink! *Unionbank* Toink!. Now it’s DepEd’s turn. Toink! *DepEd* Toink!

Good news, bad news

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10 thoughts on “Good news, bad news

  1. This was gross ineptitude on the part of DECS. Not only was the ruling’s late issuance the height of inconsideration, it also smacks of arrogance and lack of accountability.

    The ruling should have been issued BEFORE the previous school year closed AT THE LATEST and not AFTER the current school year has started. Whoever came up with this idea ought to be lined up against a wall and shot. I’m sorry but this was a very boneheaded move on the part of DECS and it’s regrettable that the Secretary obviously gave this his blessing. What were these people thinking? Didn’t anyone even think of how this would impact the schedules of both child and parents? Unbelievable!!

    Panaderos’s last blog post: Something Worth Pondering

  2. Panaderos, even if they say that its going to improve the quality of public pre-school education in the long run, the move was ill-timed. Even the school officials themselves are in a tizzy these days, because they have to swap kids with the barangay day-care centers, under-5’s with 5-and-ups. The thing is there was no coordination at all to begin with.

    So now Maia’s become frustrated because she’s gone to school three times and has been sent home all those times. And there’s the expense we’ve already made on uniforms and other school supplies.

    Doubly frustrating.

  3. Hi Cyril, very encouraging indeed. My EON account however, is EON Payroll (something the office arranged for us). I’m not quite sure if the performance is as good as the standalone EON debit card, but if Unionbank’s upgrade affected all of its services, then performance should be about the same. Good luck!

  4. I have nothing to say about the bank.

    But for DepEd, I think it’s really a bad bad move. When I was 5, I really wanted to go to school. The Central School at Mandaue turned me and my mother away. So I went to a public in Mindanao, attended grade 1 starting mid-september. I got my very first medal at the end of the schoolyear. Balik Mandaue ako for grade 2.

  5. Ceblogger, it just irks me no end that the students and their parents should be forced to find a way to get into school when it is the government’s job to get kids into school with the minimum of hassle. Oh and it’s the government’s job to pay for it as well, after all it is called “public” school. I cannot imagine the hassle your mom had to weave through just to get you in.

  6. Bingskee, the adage that “education is a right, not a privilege” seems to have gone in one ear and out the other with DepEd. Mukhang maganda pa naman ang reputation (on paper ha) of its current Secretary Jesli Lapus. Pero napaka ill-timed and nakakayamot dahil kami pa ngayon ang maghahanap ng paraan para makapag-aral ang anak namin instead of the other way around.

  7. Glad to hear about the Paypal stuff. We’re going to be using that exclusively as our payment method and wasn’t sure what people were experiencing so far.

  8. Hey there Blog2u, I’ve no complaints with PayPal since I started my account last Feb. Even the bank transfer required only minimal hand holding from other bloggers who have completed transactions.

    Dropped by your blog and signed up, btw.

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