Drink your water

One of the more encouraging articles I have read about weight loss is Losing Weight By Drinking Water by Pete Koerner.

When you are drinking enough water, you simply don’t get hungry as often. Besides the fact that most of the times you think you’re hungry, you’re really thirsty, having water in your stomach sends a signal that you are “full.” You won’t want to eat with a stomach full of water. As you become hydrated, you’ll notice yourself eating less, losing weight, feeling better, healthier, and more flexible, and having more energy and vitality. As you find yourself with more energy and flexibility (hydrated cells are flexible cells…), you will find yourself wanting to become more active – adding to your overall health and fitness.

How many times have I heard this and ignored it, opting instead to try out diet pills and at some point not eating rice. Nice to know now that I can eat rice and still loose weight just by drinking more water.

Excuse me while I refill my tumbler.

Water is good for you

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