Strange weather we’ve been having these days. I can look out the window before leaving the house and know it’s going to be a sunny day but by the time I get to the bus stop the skies have turned dark and a slight drizzle would have started, which will escalate into a full-scale downpour just as I’m about to get off the bus at my stop. I have no idea if this has got anything to do with global warming, or the fact that Raymundo Punongbayan is now gazing down at us from heaven, tsk-tsking at his former staff who until now seem to be at a loss after their superior became one with the weather.

One thing I know for sure is this is definitely NOT swimsuit weather. All plans for La Union and its crystal sand beaches or any trips down to Ligpo, Batangas are off.

Another thing I know for sure is that I am flying down to Legaspi City this Wednesday, crossing over to Sorsogon to the pier in Donsol, taking the ferry from Pilar to Aroroy in Masbate, and doing the rounds to four schools north and south of the island in aid of a client’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program. Thirteen computers will be setup, 24 computer subject teachers will be oriented with its use and care, and hopefully a few more kids will get to know Google and Wikipedia and the National Geographic Online.

I am so looking forward to that.

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