I haven’t had a weight loss pill for more than half a year now, ever since I realized sibutramine made me irritable and dehydrated. I need to get over my laziness and just get back into the workout-morning walk-pilates regimen again, so I can lose all the kilos I gained back when I stopped taking the pills.

There’s a good Pilates Video CD that you can download as a torrent. Just enter “pilates for dummies” on your favorite torrent site and you should see the video available with enough seeders to go around. You can choose to download either an mpg file or an iso for a video CD which you can burn onto a disc and play on your vcd/dvd player while you’re stretched out on your exercise mat.

I like this particular video because it only asks for 30 minutes of your time and does not require you to do all 18 featured exercises; you can pick out favorites as long as you stay at it for the required duration. Here’s the list of exercises you can find in the Pilates for dummies video:

01 – Hundreds
02 – The Roll Up
03 – Leg Circles
04 – Rolling Like A Ball
05 – Single Leg Stretch
06 – Double Leg Stretch
07 – Criss Cross
08 – Swan Dive
09 – Single Leg Kick
10 – Double Leg Kick
11 – Spine Stretch
12 – Open Leg Rocker
13 – Corkscrew
14 – The Saw
15 – Side Kick Series
16 – Swimming
17 – Leg Pull Front
18 – Leg Pull Back

Pilates for Dummies

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