I had often wondered how it would be like to raise a pet within the confines of city living. I imagine it would require a delicate balance between one’s welfare and the animal(s) in question. We live in a stand alone house and once kept a 75-gallon saltwater tank for several months, and most of our weekends then were spent shopping for pet supplies and scouring the internet for advice.

It came to a point when all my husband and I could think about were the fish and the tank and what we needed to do to keep them happy and thriving. We thought we were doing a pretty good job despite the hassles of having trucks full of seawater shipped to the house and the alternative method which was to use tap water and saltwater mix. Then came Typhoon Milenyo.

The days of power outages were what did the tank in. We were taking turns pumping air into the tank through the air hoses, but after a few days during which the fish went to the big blue ocean where all good fish go, we knew it was time to accept defeat.

The tanks are still in the garage, stocked upside down to avoid dirt build-up. We’re keeping it there on the chance that one day—when I’m retired or something—we can start all over again.

When we had pets

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3 thoughts on “When we had pets

  1. ay sorry po. nawala na mga fish ninyo. di bale, am sure one of these days, you’ll find a new pet.

    btw, i tagged you. please check out the meme. it’s for world peace. and for google to stay sane. hehehhe!!!

  2. Teacher Diyosa, I made the meme na 🙂  Grabe talaga nung panahong meron pa kami tank, panay pa blog ko kung kamusta na yung mga fish. Isang araw pinakialaman ko tong server namin, ayun nawala rin pati pics. I have a backup of all the pics on my pc, pero nitatamad pa akong i upload lahat ulit …

  3. kase ang pictures, automatic save dapat sa cd, para dali hanapin at saka backup na din kung sakaling magkatopak ang amo or ang pc. hahahahha!!!

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