I always stay behind to watch the credits after a movie has ended. I do this whether I’m at a movie house or even when watching a home movie on cable or DVD. Staying behind to watch the credits has its advantages when in a movie house:

    • 1. I don’t have to jostle other people also on their way out of the theater.
      2. I don’t have to listen to strange comments/conversations while jostling other people who are also on their way out of the theater.
      3. The aisle is always brighter lit after the credits are over (or almost over) because that’s when the cleaners come in to pickup after the hard headed litterbugs.
      4. If you have a common enough name you might see someone in the credits with the same name as yours, or who could actually be your relative, or your second cousin once removed.
      5. If there is an extra scene after the credits, like there was in the third installment of Pirates of the Caribbean (At world’s end), you get to see it if you watched the credits all the way to the end.

Maia’s picked up this weird trait from me. We watch the credits after an animated movie on DVD or anywhere else. I don’t know why she likes watching the credits too, because she refuses to turn off the player or eject the CD until after the credits have rolled to the very end, where she says “The End.”

So. If you watch Ironman any time soon, take my advice. Stay until after the credits. You’ll be in for a nice surprise.

Where credit is due

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5 thoughts on “Where credit is due

  1. oh no! i just came from the movie, and while we stayed for the credits, we didn’t finish it till the very end! what did we miss!

    as an aside – casting downey was genius. he was GREAT as tony stark, i can’t imagine any other actor seasoned enough to pull it off. i just hope he stays on the wagon this time.

  2. i’ll watch it this weekend so i’ll take your advice.

    i also have this weird habit of catching the names of people in credits and then looking them up in the internet.. just to see if they have a portfolio for their works and stuff. weird huh?! =P

  3. eyy dr_clairebear, nuod ka na lang ulit and this time stay until after the credits!


    Btw, I finally got a real bite of Death by Tablea. I think I died. This is Bambit’s ghost answering your comment.

    paolo, do you prefer to watch movies on their first day of showing when everyone else is lining up to see it as well or do you wait till the middle of the week or till the last day to see them?

  4. I tahn, sure why not … putting you into my recommended list. Have you seen Ironman, btw?

    How did your focus group discussion go? Hope it went well.

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