While we’re on the subject of diet pills…

Orovo was created to combat the supplement industry’s trend of concerning itself more with profit margins than with people. By cutting corners in the type and quality of their ingredients, these companies are able to create cheap products, market them under false pretenses, and ensure they see the largest, quickest profits they can manage. OROVO’S unique and powerful supplements have been formulated using our unique Top 10 SuperFoods blend. The Top 10 SuperFoods were developed after one of OROVO’S founders tuned into a segment of the Oprah show titled, “How to Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Days.” A world renowned dermatologist was featured recommending the daily use of ten “super-foods” to combat the effects of aging and optimize overall health.

The Orovo Story

While Sam and I may be deadringers for Dagul and Debbie these days, the mere thought begs the question: should I start with the weight-loss stuff again?

Answer: NO. At my age the only weight loss stuff acceptable is exercise and a proper diet. Hope I get more of that in the next two weeks. There’s a gym at the FRC compound in Masbate, and while the food is good, it is also healthy.

Good luck to me.

While we’re on the subject …

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