A new forum has opened at www.angatpinoy.com, and it’s biggest come-on for membership is the chance to win a MacBook.

Angatpinoy.com editor and webmaster Raymond Usbal started the site because he believes in the Filipino entrepreneurial spirit, and hopes that future members will sign up to further the quest of information sharing amongst programmers, developers who are themselves entrepreneurs.

If you possess the qualities stated on this page sign up and salute the entrepreneur in you.

*Free email addresses @oxfordreader.com*

Raymond has also started Oxfordreader.com which is intended to be a community site where people can sign up and talk about the books they’ve been reading. If you pay the site a visit and send Raymond an email he can give you a free email address @oxfordreader.com (e.g. bambit.gaerlan@oxfordreader.com).

Win a MacBook at AngatPinoy.com

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One thought on “Win a MacBook at AngatPinoy.com

  1. Bambit,

    Yes, the forum is new but I really want it to become a busy place where budding and seasoned Filipino entrepreneurs can discuss business and make business together.

    If our government leaders will not stand up to make a difference, I believe that we can (in our own little ways)!  Business (in addition to moral reform) is the key to our nation’s success.  Let’s join hands together!

    Thanks for spreading the news.

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