Got tagged by Lazarus today, a nick of time sort of tag as I had been thinking of a few material goals for 2008 but have been getting distracted by other stuff (as usual). Thanks, Lazarus, for getting me back on track.

My Wish List for 2008:

1. My own online store. This has been my dream for the past three years, but I have promised myself I will get it off the ground before Q2 this year.

2. At least 5 new clients for Kusangpalo.

3. A pedometer that won’t run out of battery power. Got one from Juniper Networks a couple of months ago, but I had hardly logged the mandatory 10,000 steps a day on it when Maia got it in her hands and left the radio switch on. Now it’s drained, after two battery changes.

Juniper Networks Pedometer

4. A lucrative sideline. One that can pay for Kuya Maui’s tuition. Yeah, that would be good to have.

5. Peace on earth and goodwill towards men. Now THAT is a wish.

Libre bitaw … 🙂

Wish List 2008: A Tag

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3 thoughts on “Wish List 2008: A Tag

  1. oist paulding — "libre bitaw" translated from Cebuano to Tagalog means "libre naman eh" as in libre naman mangarap

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