WP 2.5 ScreenshotA week ago I updated this WordPress installation to the latest version 2.5. This I easily did through webhost’s Fantastico software update facility, where all I had to do was click on a couple of buttons and the server did everything for me. That’s how I updated my WordPress no sweat, even in this sweltering summer heat, even as I was wishing I were in a class A motorhome on the way to Vigan instead.

While there are no obvious changes on the front end (what you see is still what you see), the administration backend looks radically different. Took me a while to get used to the new layout, and a few tentative clicks to find out where everything went. In the earlier WP versions, the menu items were laid out in a neat row. Now they have been segregated to “stuff that you do that other people can see” and “stuff you can do to break your site” (if you’re not careful).

Two of the things I’ve had to do are:

1. download the no-flash upload plugin here to fix my inability to use the new add media uploader facility.

2. disable the Ajax plugin that was a fix to the earlier version WP’s that took care of the “You do not have permission to do that” error message that popped up while I was saving my posts. Apparently the bug has already been fixed in WP 2.5 which negated the need for the ajax plugin, and actually broke your installation if you used it in 2.5.

So while there may not be much going on at the front … I’m having an interesting time clicking away at the new and improved WP 2.5 administrator screens.

WordPress 2.5 peeves petted

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