mommy bloggingReal freakish weather we’ve been having here in Manila these days. You get really hot mornings and torrid mid-afternoons and then late in the afternoon comes a sudden downpour. That’s a real recipe for instant headache or fever or it can even be an excuse for crankiness which may lead to one working from home.

And that’s what I did today. Early this morning Kuya Maui came into our bedroom and weakly declared himself too sick to go to school. Then he plopped down on our bed and didn’t protest when I covered him up with my malong. Not an hour later I realized it was THAT time of the month again, happens when you’re getting old, visits just come unannounced, no more PMS, it’s just THERE and there’s nothing I can do about it. Except declare a work from home day.

Maia’s first day at school last Tuesday didn’t turn out to be the first day after all because an unannounced meeting the day before (which we didn’t get to attend because it was unannounced) moved the start of class for the Kindergarten kids to July. When in July is TBA.

So from home I monitored this new streaming video server the tech guys put up, and emailed my clients and Skyped the webdev boys. That’s me (of course) in the picture, taken by Sam.

Working from home

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