Yahoo!After weeks and weeks—months actually—of tearing my hair out about why the Yahoo bot doesn’t like my domain anymore I’m just about to stock up on wrinkle creams and give up.

Here’s the complete story. Sometime in March I realized that my domain was no longer indexed in Yahoo. I’d do a manual search on for “bambit” and it would return just about every mention of the word “bambit” on the internet, except those from the domain. When I did a “” search in Yahoo I would get a “site is not indexed would you like to submit” message. And submit it I did — both the URL and the RSS and whatever else I could. I had the sitemaps and the meta tag, everything! I read somewhere that putting in a Yahoo widget might help. Which explains the Yahoo answers widget you see below the comment box. Hasn’t been a month since I put it there, so I’m still waiting if that will do the trick …


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