In the U.S. whenever a constituent wanted to express his opinion regarding bills or issues in his political district, he would be enjoined to write to his congressman. More so if the constituent would like to know how his congressman stands on the same bills and issues.

Rep. Roilo Golez’s Website, www.golez.comI had never written to a congressman, because I had always thought that they would be too busy to answer anyway. My husband works at the House of Representatives, and even he was not too encouraging. However, after having read about Rep. Roilo Golez’s proposal to investigate MMDA Chairman and self-proclaimed presidentiable Bayani Fernando’s enormous tarpaulin banners that have proliferated along EDSA, and having seen the short televsion interview that Rep. Golez gave to GMA news, I felt obliged to thank him for his move.

I found Rep. Golez’s website on Google, as it was not linked from the website of the House of Representatives. At the bottom of his homepage is a link to his email address, and I thought what the heck, I just want to write a note of thanks. I started an email, introducing myself and where I lived, noting that I was not even his constituent (our area fell under Rep. Ed Zialcita), but that I would like to express my sincerest thanks that he has stood up and spoken out about these banners that I considered not only eyesores along the length of EDSA, but are a gross violation of at least two laws that I know of. I included a couple of links to posts I have made on this blog regarding those banners. I also assured him that whatever his plans are for the country in the future, he could count on my support.

I hit the send button and thought nothing of it afterwards. After all I had written several emails to the online newspapers about the same topic and never got any replies. But when I opened my email early this afternoon, this message greeted my eyes:

Reply from Congressman Roilo Golez

Of course, we can say that it wasn’t really Congressman Golez who replied to my email, but one of his PR staff, but that doesn’t matter to me. I wrote to Congressman Golez and Congressman Golez wrote back. With a copy of the house resolution that he was going to file! Of course since the document as stated was still in draft, I cannot post it here, but I will look out for it on the website of the House of Representatives, and I’ve calmly nagged Sam into taking me with him to work one of these days so that perhaps I can meet the man who wrote back, and maybe sit in the gallery when sessions open again next week.

The summary of House Resolution HR00511 can be found here. This is a result from the online query facility at the HOR website.

With the slow process of how resolutions and bills are pushed through the house it may be months before anything of note happens, if at all. One thing I know for sure is that, to paraphrase a GMA 7 newscaster, hindi ko ito tatantanan.

Write your congressman.

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6 thoughts on “Write your congressman.

  1. Though there are times when I disagree with him, I’ve always felt that Rep. Roilo Golez was one of those few gentlemen politicians. I give him a lot of credit for the classy way he conducts himself. Even our elections in Paranaque have managed to stay peaceful and generally fraud-free because of the way he’s conducted his campaigns. I think he’s one of the few real good men to come out of the Marcos Administration. I remember his efforts to improve the mail system through his Project Mercury program many years ago. That was a brief shining moment in the Philippine postal system’s history. Too bad that the improvements ended as soon as he left the Postmaster-General’s job. Sigh.

  2. Hello, this is Roilo Golez.

    Yes, it was I who emailed you earlier. For your info, I personally handle my emails as I consider my communications very private unless I disclose them myself.

    For your info, I filed the House Resolution now numbered HR 511 and this is the wrtie-up in Inquirer Online:

    Breaking News / Metro
    Solons seeks probe of MMDA chair’s projects

    By Maila Ager

    Posted date: April 03, 2008

    MANILA, Philippines — A resolution seeking an investigation of the “huge personal tarpaulins” of Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman Bayani Fernando, the agency’s U-turn lanes, pink fences and other projects, has been filed at the House of Representatives.

    House Resolution 511, filed by Parañaque Representative Roilo Golez on Thursday, also seeks to determine how much money had been spent for the MMDA projects.

    The resolution also cited other MMDA projects such as pink urinals, pink road signs, and pink lanes.

    It also noted what it described as “makeshift, topsy-turvy” U-turn lanes in various major thoroughfares, like the ones along newly widened Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. The resolution said the U-turn lanes are perceived to be “traffic hazards and obstructions, and eating up lanes, thus wasting the hundred of millions of pesos used to widen and improve the said avenue.”

    Golez zeroed in on huge tarpaulin signs bearing Fernando’s picture on posts and the centerlines of EDSA, saying these “tend to uglify, instead of beautify, Metro Manila” and to “annoy or offend the senses and unduly obstruct the natural view of the landscape [and] distract or obstruct the view of the public.”

    He said the tarpaulin signs could be classified as a public nuisance.

    Golez also said the investigation may look into the possibility Fernando may be using government funds, through the MMDA projects, to advance his own political ambition.

    Fernando is reportedly planning to run for president in 2010.

    “The MMDA chairman, in many instances, has categorically expressed his desire to run for higher office and there is concern that he is using his office and substantial public funds, through the aforementioned tarpaulin, for his personal political interest in violation of anti-graft laws and the code of conduct or public officials,” the resolution said.

  3. Panaderos, just when one would think the words “gentleman politician” may be an oxymoron, here comes Congressman Golez to prove to us that there is such a thing as a gentleman politician.


    Congressman Golez, my apologies for thinking that you delegate the handling of your email to your staff, I told my father about this and he is of the same mind as you are. Email is very private.

    The pessimist in me is anticipating all the negative reactions the pro-MMDA camp will have against your resolution: Why zero in on Bayani Fernando when there are other much more important matters at hand; What gives you the right to investigate us when we work in the streets in the heat while you sit in your airconditioned offices …

    We’ve heard this from them several times and we will hear them again in various other forms.

    I believe there are more of us in the same mindset, that people can do their jobs effectively without having to paste their faces on MRT columns, that due process cannot be sacrificed for expediency, and that while one man can make a difference it can be done by example and influence, not by force.

    Thank you for your visit, Congressman Golez.

  4. Dear Congressman Golez,

    I have been following the news on television and the internet regarding your move against the shenanigans of Chairman Bayani Fernando of the MMDA. Now I realize that this may be exactly what he was aiming for. The banners were put there as bait, which he knew someone would eventually speak out against. Now that you and Mayor Binay have spoken about the banners and the traffic barriers etc, he is now (well at least his banners are) on national TV, instead of just on EDSA.

    I think he knew this all along. Bayani Fernando knows that all publicity, whether it be good or bad publicity, is good for him.

    I do hope, Congressman Golez, that your resolution will prosper in the house. I cannot bear to think that we are being faced with someone as Machiavellian as Bayani Fernando who thinks he can rule this country some day.

  5. Congressman Golez, what’s the fuzz is all about Fernando’s tarpaulins??? To us there is NOTHING wrong about it, it is nothing new, it’s a way of reminding people to descipline themselves and not for anything else. But if you think it’s an early campaigning for Bayani for President, then it is just your opinion and not everybody share the same opinion as yours and may the good Lord bless you. But if you are just trying to taint Fernando’s GOOD NAME because of plain envious, I wish you KARMA for the rest of your life! Put that in your mind! God knows what’s exactly in your mind and he is watching your every move! Don’t be hypocrite! Will you post this message???? or this is just for anti government messageboard????

  6. Hello again Leyla, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you defending your beloved BF on my blog.

    Just a few things though.

    1. It’s fuss, not fuzz. Fuzz is fine hair growth either on one’s skin, similar to molds or “amag”. Fuss is what you mean.

    2. I think it’s been made known far and wide that the BF posters are considered campaign material just like the other politician’s “welcome to {insert location here}” posters.

    3. Being anti-BF may not necessarily mean anti-government, but of course you are entitled to your interpretation, as well as your little spot on this blog.

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