xbox 360Having two grown sons (well one is almost but not quite grown) who grew up on computers and computer games, Halo 3 is not strange to me, clueless to computer games higher than the Battle Realms genre as I may be. I can recognize the theme when I hear it, my younger son used to play it all the time when he was in his “themes” phase on mp3.

But will I want my own Master Chief on an xbox 360 while he vegetates for a week? Even with the price cut recently announced by Microsoft, the xbox still is a bit out of my doting mother’s pocket’s depth.

Maybe next time.

Master Chief and the Arbiter

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2 thoughts on “Master Chief and the Arbiter

  1. I’ve already got a bloody computer; what do I need a 360 for? ‘Sides, that means learning a whole new console layout, plus Emperor knows what else, and the fact remains I’m more agile with a mouse than with one of those things.

    I’ll wait for the port, thankyouverymuch, despite the fact it’ll probably be on the next version of Windows.

  2. on second thought, scratch that edit. saves me the trouble of having to get one too 🙂

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