The long Christmas holiday won’t see me lazing around gaining even more weight. It won’t see me buying cat supplies for the motley crew we have accumulated in the back yard, including one I’ve nicknamed BF because of that toothbrush mustache he has just below his black shiny nose.

Will be busy cooking, as of now I am trying to find a realistic recipe for roast beef and Yorkshire pudding just like Chef Tony makes it. That trying to decide what to stuff the chicken this year as pork is definitely out of the picture. But what’s this I hear that the Ebola Reston issue is just to scare pork prices into rising? I sure hope not, or maybe I do hope it’s just being a rumor true, just so Sam can make his delectable crispy pata this year.

Will be busy doing other things as well, stuff that should make the family happy and consequently myself as well. Will post updates as they happen.

Looks like nothing’s going to happen this year, contrary to what I previously hoped for.

Keeping my fingers crossed. Uncrossing fingers. Facing reality.

Xmas week blues

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