I had been, once upon a time, a victim of mismanaged credit cards and have no one to blame but myself. Back then I could not grasp the plain and simple fact that credit cards without the backing of a good solid bank account (preferably my own) could end only in tears.

But I was young and impetuous and I wanted to know what it was like to have business credit cards that I could flash just like that and be able to take my kids out to a good Italian restaurant because they love pasta so much. If only then I had access to information that allowed me to choose a low interest credit card, and maybe if I had enough sense to go with it then I wouldn’t have gotten myself into a heap of financial trouble.

Now that I’ve learned my lesson, the only card I have is my EON Payroll, which is actually one of a line of pre-paid debit cards which may actually be more practical with my lifestyle. I can have the convenience of not having to bring cash while keeping within my means.

Your credit is good but we need cash

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