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The photo you see above are Maia’s stuff since I don’t know when. OK, since we moved back to Manila, which is almost 4 years ago. The thing is I have not been able to throw anything out, not even the broken ones, because she will not allow it. There’s stuff in there that were gifts from previous birthdays and Christmases, Happy Meal toys from McDonalds, even some of her Kuya Maui’s hand me downs. I wouldn’t be surprised if I found toy Ferrari parts while digging into that hill.

I would like to really get rid of some of them, if only to clear out a little space in the room. But I am met with such enormous resistance from Maia I really don’t know if I can make any progress in this direction. All you mom’s out there who have faced the same problem, please … I need your advice!

A different kind of weaning

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6 thoughts on “A different kind of weaning

  1. don’t let her see you discarding stuff. she probably won’t even realize they’re gone, especially those na na-outgrow na nya and never really plays with anymore. just to be sure, what i do is set aside those toys i’d like to discard and hide them for some time. pag hindi hinanap, then it’s safe to throw out.

    sometimes, i ask if we can give away toys that aren’t being used anymore. the child gets to decide which toy to give away, and also learns the concept of charity at the same time.

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  2. agree on ruth’s 2nd para.. what if you try to let maia get involved in deciding which toys to give away for charity. it would even be nicer if she gets to give the toys herself. kakatuwa yun. someday, i hope to do the same to amelie. 🙂

  3. ruth, great idea, I’ll start with the really broken ones and see if she won’t notice. I’ll have to get her out of the house though. Maia has this 6th sense-like connection with her stuff, the minute I try anything she bursts into the room. hmmm, isip isp …

    tin, I tried the charity angle on her last Christmas, but it didn’t work. What she is quite charitable with are the shoes and sandals she has outgrown. She has a friend smaller than her a couple of houses away and when she gets a replacement for an old pair, she has the old ones cleaned out, wrapped in plastic and then takes it to her friend herself.

    I really wish she’d start the same thing with her toys …

    I’ll keep you two posted on developments 😀

  4. i was not able to give them away until kay and daryl were already in grade 6 & 5. but i was not able to get rid of everything. they have these toys that they love so much they cannot afford to loose. they stayed for a while and asked them that i have to give them away after a few years.

  5. Hi bingskee, i have moved my family around so much that it was practically impossible to keep stuff. My two sons never had any qualms about leaving toys behind or giving them away. Ito lang talaga si Maia ang mahirap pakiusapan.

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