Finally got to go to JT Photoworld, one of a few photographers’ havens in Makati City. Was there to get a monopod, hopefully to aid my shaky hands take better pictures (read: not blurry). Quite a few monopods were on sale, but I decided on the Velbon Ultra Stick 50. This model is so compact it can fit nicely inside my everyday knapsack (with the camera and the laptop).
Maia at JT Photoworld I had to bring Maia with me because Ate Bebing is still on holiday, and so am I sort of, working from home where there is no air conditioning (ang iniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit grabeh), reminds me of the summer of 2005 when we first moved back here. It was so hot that my sweat was drying up into salt as I sat in front of the electric fan.

So the monopod is my gadget for this payday. I had planned on getting one every month. I’ve already acquired a circular polarizer, a remote control for the shutter, and a reverse adapter ring for doing quick but backbreaking macro shots. Am still waiting for the 10x macro lens I got on eBay. I would like to get a Fader ND filter, which would be a lot better than the stackable ones, but at US$45 it’s still a bit too rich for my gadget a (pay)day project.

A gadget a (pay)day

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