My son Xavier goes to Olivarez College High School in Parañaque City. We enrolled him there from first year high school, immediately after we returned from a year of living in Mindanao. He is now in fourth year high school, graduating on the last day of March 2009.

This last year has been most disappointing, with events that seem to be amplified by the fact that this is his last year there.

I must admit there were times when I had to write out a promissory note because I did not have the cash on hand in time for tuition payment, which was mostly during exams. And I credit Olivarez College for allowing my son to take the exams on the times when I did issue one.

But today, Monday I issued a post dated check (dated to Friday this week) to cover the last fees to cover tuition and graduation expenses. Olivarez College accounting office not only refused the check, but told my son that he can only take the exams for the day when we can come up with CASH to pay the outstanding balance.

This for me is the last straw, after the fiasco with the Olivarez College Registrar’s office, when they took me to task for saying that the Form 137 I was requesting was urgent, and blamed me when the document they came up with was so riddled with mistakes.

I admit I am not the richest of parents, and that I have been through several financial lows. But I and my husband have managed to put my son through four years of Olivarez, with all bills paid to the last centavo.

And now this?

Granted, private schools are out first and foremost to make money. They are. Bar none. Schools are business establishments first and foremost, in the real world.

I just wish they were learning institutions first.

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If you are here for the first time, please note: THIS POST IS OVER TWO YEARS OLD. It comes up #3 in google results for “olivarez college” which is actually not my problem, but Olivarez College’s problem — if they fixed their website, they would probably be coming up first. As it is, this post stays where it is on my blog. One day it may go down in rankings for the “olivarez college” google search, and well and good if it does.

I MAY take this post down — if Olivarez College will come to its senses and offer an apology for what made me write this post and other related posts in 2008.

I enjoin everyone who may have come across this post to read the related posts on my blog, to see why I was so disappointed with Olivarez College that I wrote this post.

A most disappointing year at Olivarez College

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10 thoughts on “A most disappointing year at Olivarez College

  1. I’m sorry April, but I will have to ask you if you think I’m a liar.

    This is a personal blog of true personal experiences, so the short answer to your question is YES THIS IS TRUE.

    Next question, please.

  2. The comment above was made by me to a comment that asked “Is this True?”

    I looked at the email address of the commenter and belatedly decided that it might be spam and if I approve it, it may just open the door to more spam.

    However, if the commenter should read this answer and argue that the question posed was legitimate and not spam, I apologize, and there in the previous comment I have, you have your answer.

    Bottom line? Yes this is true. Yes I experienced everything that I wrote about Olivarez and yes my son Xavier Lourenco K. Cortes is the only Olivarian in his batch to pass the UPCAT exams.

  3. So the problem is that you cannot pay your son’s tuition fee? I don’t think you can get better treatment in any other private schools in your situation. Try that in other private institutions like Ateneo, La Salle or Xavier and your son won’t be able to attend class.

  4. Hello RJ, I will probably agree with your statement about Ateneo, La Salle or Xavier.

    However, you have not identified the problem.

    The problem is/was the school’s refusal to give a little leeway to the only 4th year HS student at the time to pass the UPCAT.

    However, this post is also 2 years old — and much has passed since I wrote this.

  5. Then again, if I may add …

    I just entered the words Olivarez College on google, and as it turns out this blog post is the #3 result as of today, April 08, 2011.

    Not very good PR for Olivarez, but then again may I also say that I had lodged several complaints against the registrar who botched my son’s records for submission to the UP Registrar and then blamed me for being in a hurry.

    I received NO responses to ALL the emails I sent. Not one.

  6. Nag aral din ako sa Olivarez, I have passed the Battery Exam sa Nursing then found out na ang baba nang NLE rating nila so i decided to transfer in Arellano University and sure I take the NLE once knowing that some of my classmates from Olivarez take the NLE 3-4X wow!but sad, at pahirapan talaga kumuha nang requirement sa moron registrars office nila but the point is they should be an institution of good virtues, paano sila bebenta sa mga student if ganyan ang service nila, La Salle and Ateneo are great schools and as well of great service because they value people. di naman pera pera lagi eh,mamatay din tayo lahat hahahaha…. 🙂

  7. Hello Bambit. I Googled the name of the high school I graduated from and saw the link to your 2-year-old post, so I decided to click on it. I’m sorry to hear about your son’s past predicaments. I also read RJ’s comment and as you pointed out, l would likewise have to agree with him. I have to disagree with you, however, when you said that he failed to identify the problem. Failure to pay Xavier’s tuition fees on time was the problem. The school’s refusal to provide your son some latitude is just an offshoot of the quandary you presented them in the first place – Xavier’s single-handed passing in the UPCAT notwithstanding. Unless the school specifically offered perks to over-achieving students who are experiencing financial difficulties, you shouldn’t expect any special treatment from private institutions that, as you so succinctly pointed out, “are out first and foremost to make money.” My parents also encountered the same problems before, what with 4 children going to high school and college one after the other as we grew older, but I never knew that until after I asked them about it just a year ago. They proverbially moved heaven and earth to get us through. They hated the system, but never the schools where they placed us to acquire higher learning.

    An apology for your post-dated check refusal episode, in my opinion, is not warranted from OC. After all, you did give them credit on the numerous times that they allowed your son to take his exams when you issued promissory notes. Your beef was that they refused a PDC that should cover your son’s last tuition and graduation expenses. Any private institution – educational, medical or otherwise – would have treated last-payment situations like these in the same manner.

    The Wilbert Bonifacio incident, however, should not be overlooked, not by a long shot. At the very least, a formal letter of apology should be sent your way, as well as an appropriate disciplinary action taken against Mr. Bonifacio.

    Incidentally, I also took an admissions test in UP some time ago, as well as in UST and MIT, and after passing on all three, I eventually chose UST to take up Architecture. I hope Xavier’s doing well in UP, and that despite several unpleasant incidents he experienced while he was in OC, he’ll still appreciate the fact that he attended our high school alma mater.

  8. Hello Egay, thank you very much for your time and effort in writing out your thoughts. Greatly appreciate it.

    As I said in a previous comment, much has passed since that incident, on my side.

    I have no idea what Olivarez thinks of my blog post — as none from their side have reacted, either to this post or to the numerous emails and letters of protest that I sent AT THE TIME.

    I’m keeping this post online to see if they actually do google themselves, and wonder what people are seeing when other people google them.

    Your reply has answered that. Thanks.

  9. hai, bambit panu yan? Duon pah naman aq mg eenrol? Knkbhan tuloy aq.hnd rn kme myaman…bka gnun dn mngyari xkn.takot pah naman aqong tao. 🙁

  10. is this kind of incident still happening in OC? coz im really bothered …. as I was reasearching about OC (planning to study for k-12) it popped out on google (this blog post) AND OUT OF CURIOSITY, I clicked it then boom! it really surprised me .. OC instructors had an orientation on our school and it was far different floweries’ so now I betcha know what school shall I pick for grade 11 to 12 … 😐

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